The new ’National Bay Zoltán Applied Research Institute Network’ has been established

September 20, 2021. Budapest – The National Bay Zoltán Applied Research Institute Network was formed in the Ministry of Information and Technology, with the participation of the Minister for Innovation and Technology, Prof. Dr. Palkovics László. Founding members of the Network are: Bay Zoltán Nonprofit Kft., ÉMI Nonprofit Kft., KTI Nonprofit Kft. and Autóipari Próbapálya Zala Kft.

The aim and mission of the Network is to support its members and the Hungarian national economy in increasing their competitiveness, through the coordination of applied research and development, and entrepreneurial activities of the affiliated institutions. In conjunction with the strengthening of the competitiveness of its members and the national economy, the Network’s clear aim is to exploit the synergies between its members and to support the knowledge and technology transfer, and also to emphasize an interdisciplinary approach. The Network also aims to strengthen the competiveness of the Hungarian national economy by involving new entrants, and to encourage the creation of high value added jobs.

„I look forward to working with the members of the Network with great excitement and enthusiasm. It is in the mutual interest of us all to use our research and infrastructural resources with plans in sight, facilitating the most efficient use and sharing of available capacities, thus providing direct professional support for the research and business activities of the members.” – said Dr. Grasselli Norbert, Managing Director of Bay Zoltán Nonprofit Kft., and Head of the Network for its first year.

The synergies between the competences of the Network members are already visible. All of the members are currently involved in several „green” projects, which will mean visible and tangible results for the industry in the near future, such as raw materials for building, alternative transportation resources, the application of smart technologies, and the reuse of secondary raw materials.

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