Strive will serve the rapidly growing voluntary carbon markets with a dedicated team and product offerings for its clients.

Madrid, 14 October 2021 – Europe’s leading emission trading firm with over 20 years in carbon reduction projects, launches Strive, its voluntary market brand. The company has already traded over 1 billion units, channelled 64 M € to finance emission reduction projects and works with over 2,000 clients worldwide.

Strive will partner with private and public organisations to guide them on their journey to decarbonisation, inspiring and empowering them to change the legacy they leave behind. Strive offers tailor-made net-zero services, including sustainability advisory, renewable energy and energy attribute certificates (EACs), as well as high-quality carbon offsetting.

Our clients know that sustainability is both a necessity and a business opportunity. In fact, we have created Strive because our clients wanted more from us. We are helping organisations with our bespoke services: from strategic advice through structuring investments, to calculating and offsetting emissions “, said Marc Falguera von Niessen, CEO of Vertis.

Action on climate is growing across all sectors worldwide. Organizations are demonstrating a clear appetite to contribute to the 1.5ºC goal of the Paris Agreement by committing to carbon neutrality and net-zero strategies. Strive is guiding its clients on this path by helping them measure, reduce, compensate and communicate their sustainability efforts in a simple, clear and effective way.

VERTIS. STRIVE. We changed the letters around. But the passion to support our customers remains the same. This dedicated team and new brand open up a sea of opportunity in the voluntary markets and allow us to influence and guide major industrial and corporate sectors towards decarbonisation. It’s time to change the legacy”, added Gauthier Bily, Deputy CEO of Vertis.


For more information contact:

Rocio Ramirez Llopis | (+34) 666 19 09 97

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