A new leader at the BCSDH

Irén Márta will take over the position of Managing Director of the Business Council for Sustainable Development in Hungary from 15th October.

The new leader will take over this task from Ida Petrik, with whom BCSDH has been through significant development.

During Ida’s tenure as Managing Director the number of member companies rose to 70, and moreover, the organisation became an important player in the field of sustainable business solutions in Hungary. Ida Petrik is carrying her third child and would like to spend the next two years with her family.

Irén Márta is an economist and communications expert who has supported the Business Council’s work as an Executive Board Member for more than six years. She has played a major role in several of the Council’s programs, including the elaboration of the Leaders’ Recommendations (concerning the principles of sustainable leadership) and the launch of the International Vision 2050 program in Hungary.

Her professional work in disseminating the principles of sustainable construction in Hungary was recognised with two prominent, international awards in 2011: the Sabre Award and the European Excellence Award.

The primary objective of the new leader is to further promote our successul, pre-existing programs (namely, Action 2020 and the Future Leader program) with the involvement of members, and further develop the organization itself.

Another of her important objectives, beside promoting the ’good practices’ of the parent organization of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) in Hungary, is to involve members in the programs of the central body.

She considers the deeper engagement of the organisation in the sustainable development-supporting regulatory environment to be extremely important.


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