Commencement of the Future Leaders’ Talent Program 2015

Based on the success of the previous year’s BCSDH Future Leaders Program, 25 talented young managers started this year’s development program on the 27th January.

What is common to the Accounts Manager of E.ON, the Consumer Sales Manager of SCA Hygiene, the PR Coordinator of Coca Cola HBC Hungary, the HR Manager of Magyar Lapterjesztő, the Production Manager of Grundfos and the Marketing Manager of Shell? Certainly the fact that they are very talented professionals, that they have already proven their leadership potential during their few year’s business working experience and that they all have a maximum of a few years’ management experience. This is why they are participating in the nine-month Future Leaders’ Talent Program where they will get to know more about the theoretical background of sustainable development and be introduced to good, practical case studies of corporate sustainability.


At the opening ceremony held on the 27th January 2015 at Siemens participants had the opportunity to meet each other and the program-supporting mentors for the first time. President István Salgó  emphasized in his welcome speech that the complex interpretation of corporate sustainability is accurately captured in the ‘Recommendation of Business Leaders of BCSDH’ which provides the structure of the educational program, covering most of the important areas of corporate sustainability for current and potential business leaders. Dale A. Martin, CEO of hosting company Siemens, stressed the importance of the program which is not only forward-looking from a macro-economic perspective but can also have benefits at a corporate level; this is why Siemens has already delegated two managers to participate in the program this year. Ida Petrik, Managing Director of BCSDH, drew attention to the key successes of last year’s program: the fact that member companies, mentoring corporate professionals and open-minded, talented participants worked together and shared experiences to successfully accomplish the learning and development goals of the program.

The newly-appointed Head of Corporate Programs of the BCSDH, Mandy Fertetics, introduced this year’s program in detail and introduced the mentor companies who are actively involved in the forthcoming program (Alteo, BDL, Ben&Loch Lomond, Biofilter, Budapest Airport, Coca-Cola HBC, Dandelion, E.ON, Grundfos, Holcim, HUGBC, KPMG, McDonald’s, MOL, Richter Gedeon, Siemens, Telenor, Unilever and Zwack). Different methods will be used in the program, which is based on group learning, to enhance learning and development outcomes. They include company visits, case studies, round table discussions, CEO interviews, presentations and interactive exercises.


During the dinner entertainment was provided by a sustainability test and a game which helped the guests to get to know each other. Dale A. Martin – who should receive an Oscar for his performance – acted the role of a fictive CEO who needed convincing about the importance of one of the Action 2020 Hungary program goals (as chosen by the group). The brave candidates came up with a wide range of creative ideas about how to harmonize business opportunities with sustainability challenges.


The 24 participants of the Future Leaders Program Hungary 2015 are delegates of the following BCSDH member companies: BASF, BDL, Biofilter, Budapest Airport, Coca-Cola, Coface, eisberg, E.ON, Generali Biztosító, Grundfos, KPMG, Magyar Lapterjesztő, McDonald’s, Nestlé, SCA, Shell, Siemens, Syngenta and Unilever. One more participant is the recipient of a scholarship awarded to the winner of a competition for university students: Beke Tomaj, an M.Sc. student from ELTE Science University.

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