The position of ‘Head of Corporate Programs’ at BCSDH

The Business Council for Sustainable Development in Hungary (BCSDH) has created a new position called Head of Corporate Programs that has been filled by the expert Mandy Fertetics since 19th January. The new position is proof of the successful development of the organization which now already includes 60 member companies.

Ida Petrik, Managing Director, said that the BCSDH had reached a new stage of development according to which the sustainability programs and the commitment of members made it possible and at the same time necessary to assign an expert to lead BCSDH’s corporate programs. She emphasized that the organization can be proud that an experienced and acknowledged expert who has already supported the work of the NGO as an external consultant over the last two years is joining BCSDH’s team.

Mandy Fertetics has gathered more than 10 years’ professional experience in the field of sustainable development in different roles: she has worked with NGOs, as a lecturer and trainer, in media and research and has more than 8 years’ experience as a CSR consultant. She also gained practical business experience working at Dreher Breweries (a subsidiary of SABMiller plc.) in the position of corporate affairs manager, during which time she took her maternity leave.

Mandy’s main reason for joining BCSDH was the motivating and inspiring fact that the organization is now working and thinking together with company CEOs and leaders who are key to enhancing corporate sustainability. These individuals are actively involved in shaping the goals and programs of the BCSDH. Local programs are based on the high quality global programs of our mother organization, The World Business Council for Sustainable Development, but the Hungarian organization always adapts them to local circumstances. Another important reason is that the BCSDH ensures family-friendly working conditions, which is crucial for Mandy, the mother of a small child.

Our new colleague’s aim is to further inspire committed business leaders to transform their sustainability commitment into everyday practice based on the strategies and tools disseminated by BCSDH.

Our most exciting task in 2015 will be related to the Action 2020 Hungary program which was introduced in November 2014. The next steps of the program involve collecting, developing and disseminating the business solutions which will contribute to achieving the goals that are defined in the program.

Mandy, who has wide range of acknowledged experience in the field of sustainability training and development, will also be responsible for the ’Future Leaders’ talent program which has been announced among member companies. Based on the successes of the first year, this year’s program has already commenced. Young, talented professionals and managers who have the potential to become business leaders have been nominated to participate in this program. The goal is for them to learn more about sustainable development: what it means, why it is crucial to business success and how they can translate it into business decisions. The program of development is based on a group learning, cooperative process and the active involvement of member companies as mentors.

Alongside the two main programs mentioned above, the dissemination of the ’Recommendation for Business Leaders – The Complex Interpretation of Sustainable Development’ will continue. This year’s focus is Responsible Governance.

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