CSR MarketPlace 2013: Emphasis on shared values

The CSR MarketPlace Exhibition of this year where 39 companies and 32 civil organizations will present their achievements in CSR will be opened by KÖVET Association on 18 April 2013.


CSR MarketPlaces were the most successful events of the KÖVET in 2009 as well as in 2011. They were not only for expounding the good CSR practices and for promoting of the idea of sustainability, but they served also as a platform for building and deepening the relationships between the exhibitory companies and non-governmental organizations.

The novelty of this year is the European CSR Award, founded by the European Committee;   prize winners will be announced during the CSR MarketPlace. The application for the Award required innovative and effective projects, realized through the cooperation between companies and non-profit organizations as shared values.

The caseworks will be collected and published in the exhibition catalogue of the 2013 CSR MarketPlace in printed form and will be available  also on-line  on the web-site www.csrpiac.hu

Just as before, the national winners of each category will be judged in the following categories:  Most Oustanding Solution of 2013 Award, Truly Responsible Enterprise Award, Small Business Enterprise Special Award, Special Award for Environmentally Aware Company Management.

Visitors of the CSR MarketPlace may participate in the open judging of candidates for the European CSR Award shortlist and in the live round-table conference held on the theme of Business-NGO cooperation.

The event will be escorted by desirable satellite programs as NGO-company rapid date, bio-food tasting or massage.


You can register for the event here.

Registration will be closed on April 12.

Detailed program of the workshops can be found here.


For more information please contact:

Judit Hézer, event manager

Tel: +36/1/473-2290

E-mail: hezer@kovet.hu www.kovet.hu


BCSDH is the CSR MarketPlace cooperation partner.

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