“Future leaders” talent program participants got certificates

20 young professionals got certificates on the November 25th’s yearly event, organized for leaders of companies.

On Tuesday, 20 successful, young professionals, who successfully completed the „Future Leaders” talent program had received a certificate. With this, they have proven that they poses all which is needed to become that kind of leaders who will be able to give solutions and answers to the social and environmental challenges taking into consideration  sustainability approach to start positive changes into the world.

The aim of the “Future Leaders” talent program is to help potential business leaders who are currently talented professionals to understand the complexity of corporate sustainability and to enable them to incorporate sustainability elements into their future decision making processes.

This program is unique in Hungary as a diverse group of practicing business leaders will mentor participants and share their experiences about sustainability, strategy and ethical operations. Furthermore, future leaders will have the opportunity to thoroughly get to know their mentoring companies.

23 young talents from 13 member companies started the program in January 2013. 20 of them successfully finished the nearly one year long program with the presentations of a team project.

The program lasted for nine months during which participants had been led through the seven principles of the BCSDH’s Recommendation for Business Leaders: “The Complex Interpretation of Corporate Sustainability” with support from their mentors.

These topics are tackling Sustainability, Strategic Approach and Responsible Management, Ethical and Transparent operations, Respect for basic values, Environmental responsibility and Partnership with stakeholders.

Member companies showed their commitment to the program, not only by financial support, but also with allocating other kind of resources.

Each topic was mentored by two companies. Mentors from these companies did not only coordinate the professional program but also were available to participants during the program to share personal and professional experiences.

In 2014’s program mentor companies were: Alteo, Ben&Loch Lomond, Budapest Airport, Budapesti Erőmű, Coca-Cola HBC, E.ON, Grundfos, Holcim, KPMG, MOL, Nestlé, Siemens, Telenor and Zwack.

“Future Leaders” talent program continues in 2015 as well. Member companies are now selecting among young professionals who have professional experience between 5 and 10 years, who have been observed to have the potential to become business leaders and can successfully apply for this talent program.

In 2015’s program there will be one novelty that next to the professionals coming from companies, one university masters studies student will have the opportunity to participate in the program, thanks to the scholarship of our organization. The “Future Leaders” Scholarship is sponsored by E.ON.

You can find the photo gallery on the following link.

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