Gran Prize Innovative Interdisciplinary Award

To the Gran Prize Officially established On December 12, 2012 by the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Hungary.

Annual prize awarded for outstandingly innovative solutions, papers and projects in response to the most pressing issues of our planet, in the field of environmental protection, sustainable development, design, medicine, health preservation and development and education.

The SCCH has taken into consideration that persons, students and student groups might not yet have official publications which can be evaluated by the professional associations invited to participate in the Gran Prize award process and on the judging panel of the Gran Prize. Having taken this into account and in accord with the professionals and associations participating in the judging panel of the Gran Prize, the Swedish Chamber of Commerce hereby announces an open call to entry to the Gran Prize Innovative Interdisciplinary Award, with the following conditions:

Entries will be judged with the participation with the persons appointed by the professional associations serving on the judging panel of the Gran Prize.

Deadline for entries : April 15, 2016

Entry requirements:

  • Professional resume
  • Exact description of the entry and it’s beneficial, in particular innovative aspects
  • Maximum length : 10 pages, not including attachments
  • Auxiliary documentation of the entry, relevant for the judging of the entry




Please upload the applications to (Gran Prize submission / pályázat feltöltése) in the following file formats: Word, Excel, pdf and jpeg.

Criterias of evaluation:

  • Novelty ( innovative performance, original idea )
  • Social responsibility
  • Sustainability
  • Environmental aspect
  • Potential of economic utilization
  • Technological aspect


Further information:

Tel: : +36 309/708/433



The Board of Judges will shortlist 5 projects to the shortlist. Shortlisted candidates will be contacted and scheduled for an interview of 10 minutes.


The background and aims of the GRAN PRIZE Interdisciplinary Innovative Award established by the SWEDISH CHAMBER OF COMMERCE IN HUNGARY


In October, the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Hungary (SCCH) decided to establish a prize to stimulate innovative thinking aimed at improving the quality of life.

The SCCH chose a popular Swedish symbol, the pine tree, as the emblem of the prize. For most of the planet it represents Christmas as well as being a metaphor for Nature.

Ancient philosophers discussed happiness and living in harmony with nature and this aspiration is becoming vital to modern man.

GRAN in Swedish means pine tree, pointing to the characteristics of this award, as focused on sustainable development and environmental protection. The Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Hungary’s aim with this prize is twofold, firstly to support and award outstanding innovative achievements and to facilitate GRAN PRIZE INNOVATIVE INTERDISCIPLINARY AWARD intercultural communication.

In the spirit of the open, consensus-based thinking that is such a vital part of Swedish society and with the aim of furthering Swedish-Hungarian cooperation, the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Hungary has opened entry to the GRAN PRIZE to every progressive company and private person in Hungary.



The prize can be awarded to private persons, groups, companies, associations, organisations, institutions, students or student teams as decided by the judging panel of the GRAN PRIZE. The judging panel has the right to invite persons, associations and companies to submit applications for the competition.

The prize is in response to the most pressing issues of our planet, annually awarding outstanding, innovative solutions and projects in the area of environmental protection, sustainable development, design, medicine, health preservation and development, as well as education.

The members of the judging panel of the GRAN PRIZE might change from year to year, the permanent members being 3 directors from the SCCH. Members of faculty from institutions of higher education, as well as representatives of professional associations will form the judging panel of 2014. The SCCH announced to the press and public that it will set aside HUF 5 million from its capital to finance this innovative prize from the annually accrued interest, and it will invite other progressive decision makers and private individuals to participate with their sponsorship.

The annual award gala of the GRAN PRIZE will take place in May. The award will be in the shape of a pine tree, and it is currently being created by the Swedish artist, Anna Lundin. Each year, in the week following the award gala, the so called GRAN WEEK, the winner of the award will present the winning entry and members of the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Hungary will hold presentations for university students.

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