Inspiring presentations have been held on this year’s third ESG working group meeting

At our third ESG working group meeting this year, remarkable presentations have been held. The participants got to know to ALTEO’s Sustainability Barometer by Attila Chikán Jr. (ALTEO). Later, the Ecovadis evaluation of ALD Automotive Hungary have been explained by Annamária Székács (ALD).

The aim of the ALTEO’s Sustainability Barometer was to see how a potential investor thinks about sustainability, thus have a deeper understanding on people’s approach on sustainability. ALTEO’s survey was conducted among Hungarian Internet users between the age of 20 and 65 with a sample size of 1.000 people representing the gender, age and educational background of the population, and the type of settlement where they live. The questions focused on the awareness of environmental problems, concrete actions how people protect the environment, moreover how they deal with their investments.

The majority of Internet users in Hungary between the age of 20 and 65 are interested in the environment protection, 82% believe that environmental problems also impact their lives, but 32% are not yet convinced about it currently being one of the most important tasks that people have. According to 80% of the respondents, everyone is responsible for environmental problems, while 19% blames corporations, countries and global organizations. Women more typically share a sense of community, while men tend to pass responsibility on to companies. 

Attila also covered the topic of investments. The majority claimed that they would prefer a financial product if it also took sustainability into consideration.

Further information can be found about the results in hungarian here.

Annamária shortly introduced their company to the participants, as ALD Automotive Hungary is a fresh member of our community. Their beliefs say, that economic development is no longer possible without environmental progress, thus the company joined the road of sustainability on a group level. They find third party evaluation a great opportunity to challenge themselves. ALD Automotive Hungary has been assessed by Ecovadis first in 2018, and had been granted a gold recognition level.

Annamária then summarized the basics of the Ecovadis methodology, which follows four topics, environment, labour and human rights, ethics and sustainable procurement. They received a very detailed, up-to-date report on their strenghts and the areas that need improvement, also sharing hints how to improve each area of their company. This way they have a very clear view on where they are and where they are headed to, also receiving a silver medal in 2020.

It is of great importance for them to bring sustainability close to people, their employees, partners and clients, as the presentation was closed with their own CSR programs. Her presentation confirmed, that Corporate Social Responsibility is in the heart of their business.

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