Presenting the results of our latest ESG Survey – ESG Working Group meeting at 4iG

On 9 November 2023, we held the final ESG working group meeting of this year, which included actual topics such as the results of our latest ESG survey, the draft ESG law submitted for public consultation last week and the digital solutions supporting ESG.

The participants were welcomed by Katalin Forrai Eszter, Group Quality Management and Internal Regulatory Director of 4iG Plc, who also presented the company’s environmental, social and corporate governance objectives. This was followed by a presentation by Ákos Lukács, Partner at E&Y, who presented ESG digitalisation challenges and potential solutions, and Dr. Gábor Pete, Vodafone’s Director of Business Development, who presented concrete solutions where digitalisation can support companies’ ESG efforts.

In 2023, BCSDH again conducted a comprehensive survey of its member companies to understand the steps, knowledge, future plans and positions towards ESG reporting and legislation. A total of 70 companies from 14 industries participated in the survey.

Ágnes Deme, Manager of KPMG, presented the main results of the survey. She highlighted that 90% of the companies that completed the survey believe that ESG-based reporting could benefit their business in the next 5 years. She highlighted that 60% of respondents regularly produce ESG reports, most often at international/corporate level and based on the GRI standard. 85% of companies collect some ESG data, 78% set targets. 72% of the companies surveyed have a designated responsible person at management and decision making level with dedicated responsibility for ESG.

The results of the survey will soon be available on the BCSDH and KPMG LinkedIn pages.

On 31 October 2023, the draft law amending the ESG laws was submitted for public consultation by the Ministry of Economic Development. István Salgó, Honorary President of the BCSDH, presented the key points of the draft to the participants.

At the end of the event, Zsófia Galambosné Dudás informed the participants about the organisation’s upcoming events and presented the latest BCSDH professional materials.

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