Isosugar, proof spirit, and a catapult – a summary of BCSDH’s Weekend

This year’s BCSDH Weekend involved a delightful program for the 13 participating CEOs and their partners.

The first day was hosted by Zoltán Reng, Managing Director, Hungrana Kft. Visitors to the factory in Szabadegyház were introduced to the wide product range and sustainability features of the company. All parts of corn are used to produce alcohol, isosugar, dextrose, biofuel, starch, high-protein feed and biomass gas. Most of the products serve as raw materials for many domestic brands, ranging from pudding powders through soft drinks and spirits to fuel.

In line or even going beyond the very strict ISCC EU3 standard, Hungrana supports reuse and recovery and strives for responsible resource management. Sustainable development is one of the most important engines for the quality development of Hungrana Kft.

After a visit to the factory, participants enjoyed a pleasant dinner with wine in Kardosfa, Zselic, close to the location of the program for the following day.

On the second day, János Handó, the manager and owner of Katica Tanya, welcomed the team at Patca. János talked about the sense of mission, his own journey, and the conscious creation of Katica Tanya as an experience center that now receives 78,000 visitors a year.

The Katica Tanya Experience Center is an eco-conscious family park with the mission of raising awareness of sustainability. Sustainability is demonstrated in practice as well, since the farm operates using 100% renewable energy which is partly obtained from its own solar park.

Their own Root Zone  Wastewater treatment system is also remarkable. Waste-water generated in the Experience Center is purified with this natural solution that requires no chemicals or energy.

The experience was made unforgettable with the testing of a copy of a real medieval catapult, which, after careful preparation with the participation of the leaders, fired a stone ball more than 200 meters.

The two-day program ended with a delightful lunch. We would like to thank the host companies and their managers for their professional program and warm hospitality.

A gallery of pictures about the events can be found here.

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