Kinga Recsetár-Maioli is the new Head of Corporate Programs at BCSDH

From 1st October, 2021 onwards, Kinga Recsetár-Maioli is taking over the position of Head of Corporate Programs of the Business Council for Sustainable Development in Hungary (BCSDH).

The new project leader will primary focus on the Vision 2050 program, renewed by WBCSD, as the time has come to shift from the world of words towards the rapid acts. During the Vision 2020 program numerous good practices have been initiated and even more goals have been set, but the pace of change is lagging behind the global trends (population growth, gradually deteriorating ecosystems, climate change, etc.).

Kinga Recsetár-Maioli, with 10 years of multinational and 6 years of regional and global leadership experience behind her, decided to focus on her “side job” and join BCSDH. While focusing on lean transformation, automation, and operational excellence in her leadership roles, she also held additional roles such as; Eastern European Volunteer Council Leader and later Country Sustainibility Leader. The NGO sector is not far from her either, as a volunteer leader she has worked on numerous projects in collaboration with numerous local and global NGOs. She is committed to spread the culture of pro bono volunteering and integrate pro bono elements into the corporate culture. She represented GE’s Eastern European region at several international conferences on the subject and gained professional recognition for the company.

In addition to the adaptation of Vision 2050 in Hungary, the tasks of the new project leader include reviewing the strategy of the Action2030 program, developing specific actions and recommendations, managing the Race to Zero and ESG programs on the part of BCSDH and coordinating the related professional working groups.

Kinga’s primary goal is to shift the focus from theoretical thinking to the field of deeds in a transparent, measurable, and easily replicable form.

She also considers it important to shape individual attitudes through personal experience and exposure. She believes that responsibility cannot be passed over purely to companies or governments, as these organizations are also run by individuals, so personal development and commitment are essential to change.

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