New companies joined the BCSDH’s Recommendation for business leaders

14th November 2013, Budapest: on the business lunch event of Business Council of Sustainable Development in Hungary (BCSDH) new companies signed the Recommendation for business leaders on The Complex Interpretation of Corporate Sustainability . The Recommendation was introduced last year in November, when 40 CEOs of companies and business organizations signed it. Additional 38 business leaders joined the initiative on this event, so the Recommendation counts now already 80 followers.

The engagement to the Recommendation in public shows that corporates and their leaders are more and more open-minded to sustainability issues and recognize their responsibility and also long term business interest to shape their core business according the principles of the Recommendation. We also introduced our survey on the event, which summarizes the opinion and experience of 34 different business entities. This research also outlines the above mentioned tendency as one of the main results.

Founding signatories:



további aláírók

The roundtable discussion of the event was about the BCSDH Future Leaders Talent Program 2014 which will start in February 2014. The program is the Hungarian adaptation of the Future Leaders program of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD). The aim of the program is to introduce the complex interpretation of corporate sustainability to those talented managers who have the potential to become future business leaders, and to help them to integrate successfully the sustainability principles into their personal and business decision making processes in practice. During the program acknowledged professionals and successful practising business leaders will mentor participants to learn about ethical and transparent operations, and how to integrate successfully sustainable development’s economic, social and environmental pillar into business strategy.


Photos taken at the event can be viewed in our Photo Gallery.


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