Voluntary Carbon Market Webinar – 19 January

After a rather world changing year of 2020 we enter into 2021 with high expectations and hopes, some unanswered questions and a degree of trepidation. Will we finally see the completion of the Paris Agreement Rulebook with the global agreement on Article 6? What shape will the voluntary carbon markets take during the new decade? Many initiatives around the scaling up of the voluntary carbon market emerged during 2020 to drive much-needed robustness and progression. Will they be successful and enhance the transparency, liquidity and impact?

Join this webinar discussion with Ecosystem Marketplace, UN-REDD, Acciona, and Vertis for some key takeaways from 2020 and to explore the outlook for the voluntary carbon market in 2021 as perceived by global policy actors, the private sector and other market participants. Learn about the main outcomes of the Taskforce for Scaling Voluntary Carbon Markets, a private sector led initiative connecting buyers, suppliers and other market participants, and how they resonate with Ecosystem Marketplace’s view, shaped by years of independent monitoring of the voluntary carbon market.

DATE: Jan 19th 2021



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