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The level of unemployment among young people has almost reached 20%, 1.8 million tons of food are wasted an annual basis, global warming (which may reach 2°C by 2050) is already impacting Hungary, only 9% of surface water is of good quality and sustainable consumers make up only 10% of the population. These are just some of the reasons that companies who operate over the long term and who are responsible are being called to action.

The Action 2020 Hungary program inspires companies to take action. It’s a platform for action, a platform for business to contribute solutions to environmental and social challenges as well as business challenges facing our country. You can find attached the Action 2020 Hungary brochure.

Be next to join                                                                                                                                                          Joinpikto

The program of Action 2020 Hungary defines the domestic goals until 2020, the implementation of which the business sector can make a significant contribution to.
If You also agree with these goals and that business sector can make a major contribution to solving the sustainability challenges facing Hungary, please join the program. By joining, your company will undertake to implement a minimum of two business solutions until 2020, by means of which it will contribute to the achievement of two the goals chosen. The impacts of the solution shall be measured and shared with us.

Implement and share your business solutions        implementpikto                                                                  

If your company has a ready-made solution contributive to the goals set by Action 2020 Hungary
program, share it with us so that others can draw ideas from you. Our program aims to collect and spread business solutions contributive to solving sustainability challenges that go beyond ”business as usual”.

We are seeking change leaders              influpikto                                                                                      

The business sector and the whole economic and social system have to find effective and long-term solutions to an increasing number of sustainability challenges. Change is brought about by real solutions, the initiators and implementors of which are important change leaders. Be one of them. Inspire others with your ideas, practices, share your experience, challenges, difficulties and multiply your individual impact by showing an example. We are convinced that enterprises which are successful in the long term also play a key-role in promoting sustainability.

More information and how to join: Mandy Fertetics, mandy.fertetics@bcsdh.hu

Business solution template can be downloaded from here: Action_2020_Hungary_Application_form

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