Action 2020 Hungary – Flexible solutions for a sustainable labour market

The labour market has been changing at an accelerating pace, and there is no company in Hungary which is not affected by these changes. The ever-greater shortage of specialists experienced today poses a new challenge to the leaders and HR experts of companies – especially because labour shortages can threaten market positions, and may become serious impediments to development.
Taking into account the decreasing number of children per family, the strong tendency to emigrate and the difficulty of recruiting and retaining young talent, the severity of the problem will probably remain or increase in the future.
In the meantime, the European Union and the Hungarian government have set themselves the challenging goal of achieving a 75% employment rate among 20-64 year-olds by 2020.
BCSDH’s Action 2020 programme is striving to achieve this by helping support decent, value-producing workplaces and discrimination-free employment, in which businesses play a key role.
Those companies who regard challenges as opportunities and that are open to implementing unconventional solutions may become the winners of this process.
In order to reach this goal, the employment of the young and the old, women and men, highly qualified and low-skilled workers is necessary. However, this requires the harmonization of needs and expectations.
Getting to know target groups of employees and taking into consideration their needs can open the door towards a more flexible, more colourful labour market.
The BCSDH, together with the leaders of its member companies, has created the following three recommendations which can help the business sector take the necessary steps towards meeting the employment goals:
1. Form and implement employment systems which fit life status,
2. Support proactively the lifelong development of employees, in accordance with changing expectations,
3. Support the career paths of women.
In order to support companies and the career paths of women, our organisation established the Leading Women Award in 2017. Moreover, we are planning to create a forum where we can further develop the pillars of sustainable education with the cooperation of those concerned, since the mission of BCSDH is to support its member businesses in becoming not just followers, but active shapers of forthcoming changes and global trends.