Employment of People with Disabilities

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“I am proud that Szerencsejáték Zrt. has one of the highest levels of public trust among domestic large corporations, and we carefully safeguard this value, as it is one of the keys to our sustainable growth. Our decades-long commitment to the integration of people with disabilities plays an important role in this. In 2021, we expanded on this commitment with a nationwide awareness campaign.”

Andrea Mager, President-CEO


Company name:

Szerencsejáték Zrt.

Implementation year:

From 2003

Focus Areas:

Employment, Equal Opportunities, Employee Well-being

Program Objective:

Based on the 2020 data from the Central Statistical Office (KSH), only 27.5% of individuals with disabilities are employed, whereas for those without disabilities, this ratio stands at 77%.

As a responsible employer, Szerencsejáték Zrt. strives to set an example in achieving workplace equality. Our program employing people with disabilities aims to promote the social integration of individuals with disabilities, in turn, encouraging other companies to do the same.

Program Measures and Commitments:

In the years following the turn of the millennium, the National Lottery faced new competitive challenges. To expand market opportunities and meet the demands of players, our company began diversifying its product range and expanding its distribution network. Our lottery ticket family started to see rapid development.

As a responsible employer, our company also places great importance on participating in solving social issues. With this goal in mind, in 2003, we established a lottery ticket sales network that exclusively employs individuals with disabilities, all under competitive conditions. The process was further supported by the fact that the sector offered optimal opportunities, primarily in sales positions, for the flexible employment of individuals with disabilities.

The lottery ticket sales position created by our company holds immense significance for employees with disabilities. Through regular income and professional success, they can once again feel like valuable members of the workforce. Our team members can work as independent, responsible, and well-trained contributors, receiving substantial support from our company through professional training and programs that help them navigate the financial, healthcare, and digital realms while promoting self-care.

By maintaining this charitable lottery ticket sales network, we provide employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities who have been unable to find work for years, which has resulted in unfavourable changes in their living conditions.

The lottery ticket sales position created for individuals with disabilities is not unskilled labour; it requires general and product-specific trade knowledge. Employees continuously enhance their professional knowledge through the professional training and training sessions provided by the company. In addition, they also participate in programs that assist in financial, healthcare, and digital literacy while promoting self-care.

Program Impact and Results:

At present, more than 170 individuals with mobility impairments, deaf, hard of hearing, and those with long-term health impairments work in nearly 70 locations across 126 cities in Hungary in an accessible environment.

Our sales team comprises 18% of our workforce, while nearly 10% of our total company employees are our colleagues in the lottery ticket sales network. This level is unique among companies operating under competitive conditions. (According to GVI 2021 data, the national average is 0.8%.)

The program significantly contributes to long-term business value creation.

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Employment of People with Disabilities, Equal Opportunities