8G ENERGY expands its sustainability portfolio

8G ENERGY has been an outstanding performer in the market for renewable energy technologies, but it is expanding its portfolio further in the spirit of sustainability. Among their services, they will continue to focus more on wind power and electromobility projects from planning to permitting to implementation, as well as advising on tenders for the agricultural sector.

In Hungary, the most widespread renewable energy generation plants are undoubtedly solar PV systems. However, it is important to have a diversified energy production portfolio. Therefore, besides harnessing solar energy, it’s worth considering wind energy, which can be utilized through wind turbines. These devices convert the kinetic energy of the wind into rotary motion, which is then used by a generator to produce 3-phase electricity. Due to favorable regulatory changes last year, installing wind turbines could be a realistic alternative for corporate clients. A well-installed and maintained wind turbine can provide its owner with sustainable green electricity from renewable energy sources for up to 20-30 years. If you are considering installing a wind turbine, feel free to contact 8G ENERGY. They have extensive expertise and can handle all necessary measurements, planning, permitting, and implementation tasks for wind turbines.

To promote the development of electromobility, in some cases, the installation of electric vehicle chargers is mandatory.  Stakeholders affected by regulations include stores/ shopping malls selling daily consumer goods, as well as non-residential buildings. Information about various obligations and deadlines can be found in Section 42(10) of Government Decree 253/1997 (XII. 20.) and Annex 8 of TNM Decree 7/2006 (V. 24.). In addition to the legal obligations, the purchase of battery- or hybrid-powered cars is becoming more and more common in Hungary, and it is worthwhile to install a charging device for these cars as a private person, so that owners can charge their electric cars at any time, independently of other users.  From planning to implementation, 8G ENERGY offers turnkey installation of car chargers, whether in a private home or in a company car park.

This year, several draft Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) tenders have been released, targeting companies and entrepreneurs in the agricultural sector. The final Calls for Proposals have not yet been published, but are expected to be published at the end of May or beginning of June.  Among others, such as  the food and processing industries, ornamental horticulture and livestock farms, which can benefit from aid intensities of up to 70% for green investments: activities to reduce energy consumption, use of renewable energy technologies. 8G ENERGY provide a comprehensive range of services, from project planning and writing of grant applications to potential project management following successful funding acquisition.

8G ENERGY has a prominent position in the renewable energy market, working with qualified and experienced professionals and subcontractors.  The aim of the activities mentioned in the article is to promote sustainability, increase awareness among Hungarian businesses regarding energy management, and reduce their ecological footprint.