E-mobility is even greener: solar energy to power the BMW factory in Debrecen

Electric cars can only become the mobility solution of the future if the manufacturing process is also sustainable. That’s why E.ON has partnered with BMW, which is building an electric car factory in Debrecen, to provide a unique solution within Europe.

E.ON is building the largest solar park in the entire BMW Group on the site of the auto manufacturer’s e-car facility being built in Debrecen. On 10 April, representatives of BMW Manufacturing Hungary Kft. and E.ON Hungária Group agreed the construction of a solar park on an area of more than 50 hectares. Thanks to the solar park, production at the plant will be entirely fossil-free. A total of around 70 football pitch-sized solar panels will be installed on the roofs on the buildings and in surrounding areas. The scale of the project is also illustrated by another comparative figure: the system would be sufficient to serve 20,000 households – one in five homes in Debrecen. The clean energy plant is at the forefront of similar investments by the E.ON Group in Europe, both in terms of size and technology.

The Debrecen project is based on E.ON and BMW’s shared commitment to sustainability and clean and smart solutions. The investment is based on the pillars of efficiency, sustainability and digitalisation, in line with BMW’s iFACTORY approach. In order to minimise the factory’s carbon footprint, by the end of 2025 E.ON Hungária Group will build a solar farm with a rated capacity of 43 MW on the factory site. The solar park of 510,000 square metres will be installed entirely on the buildings and other areas of the BMW Group Factory Debrecen. The total capacity of the solar panels will be nearly 45 gigawatt hours.

On the occasion of signing of the construction contract, Hans-Peter Kemser, President and CEO of BMW Group Factory Debrecen, pointed out that the solar power plant to be built will also stand out within the group due to its size. László Papp, Mayor of Debrecen, said he found it inspiring to welcome an investment that pays special attention to sustainability from the very beginning. Zsolt Jamniczky, Deputy CEO of the E.ON Hungária Group, observed that such a green energy solution shows others how real steps can be taken to create a sustainable future.

The companies’ bilateral commitment is long-term: E.ON will also be responsible for the design, construction and operation of the solar power plant. The solar power plant and the cooperation to ensure the long-term energy supply for the e-car plant will certainly serve as a model for other market players in the national and European economy.