ALTEO is again investing into alternative energy in Debrecen

ALTEO Group is enlarging its innovative renewable energy portfolio through its latest investment into waste disposal facilites in Debrecen, Hungary. ALTEO plans to build a HUF 300 million worth, 499 kilowatt capacity power plant.

The power plant will utilize and neutralize the landfill gas rich in methane produced through the decomposition of organic waste deposited in the Debrecen Regional Disposal Site. ALTEO has been successfully operating a similar small-capacity powerplant in Debrecen since 2010. Based on the experience gained so far, together with the future plans of the operator of the waste disposal facility, ALTEO has been commissioned to plan an expansion in the facility’s environmentally conscious infrastructure and power supply.

The new power plant has the necessary permits and the 5-year Mandatory Transmission System Permission issued by the Hungarian Energy Office to sell the generated electricity at subsidized prices. Production of the necessary equipment to the investment as well as the drilling is in process, the installation of the equipment is scheduled to start in May 2017.

Together with this latest investment, ALTEO has decided a total of HUF 1.1 billion renewable energy investment so far this year. Both investments prove ALTEO’s commitment towards the usage of renewables in its portfolio.

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