ALTEO signed strategic agreement with AutóWallis

ALTEO and AutoWallis have signed a strategic agreement in order to harmonize their e-mobility services in the future. Stock of both companies are listed in the Premium category of Budapest Stock Exchange. The basis of the strategic agreement is that both companies are committed to sustainable and transparent operations and switching to a green economy.   The agreement extends to the marketing of e-car charging innovative energy solutions.

ALTEO and AutoWallis will promote market growth through the development of charging infrastructure and further improving e-car sales.

„E-mobility is becoming a part of our everyday lives, and charging cars is increasingly linked to sustainability and energy efficiency investments” – stated Dénes Novotny, Senior Manager of E-mobility at ALTEO. According to him, cars can be charged most comfortably at home or at work, however, the most cost-effective way of realizing this, is if charging devices are installed as part of a sustainable solution. ALTE-GO, ALTEO’s independent business in charge of operating charging devices and e-mobility services, offers sustainable solutions in the implementation and operation of electric charging devices, covering the full range of services required for e-mobility.

Gábor Ormosy, CEO of AutoWallis Nyrt., stated that the retail business of AutoWallis Group has sold nearly 1,000 electric and hybrid cars in 2020 in 14 countries where the Group is present. This shows consumers are increasingly open to green technologies. Appropriate charging network is required to realize this in Hungary’s road network and homes, for which members of AutoWallis Group have recommended leading solutions to clients all along.

ALTEO’s Board of Directors recently approved the company’s sustainability strategy, which designated five focus areas where sustainability and ESG aspects are consistently integrated into processes and strategies. The company pays particular attention to reducing its carbon footprint, making company culture inclusive and environmentally conscious, turning internal processes and its car fleet greener and strengthening the local focus of its corporate social responsibility activities.

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