SPAR receives acclaims for store development and sustainability efforts

The retail chain has received new awards in professional competitions, the submissions have won in both the hypermarket and supermarket categories. The INTERSPAR store in Dunaújváros has been selected as “Hypermarket Store of the Year 2021” and SPAR also won the “Supermarket chain of the Year 2021” prize and became authorised to carry the “Retailer of The Year 2021” logo and to use the same title. Additionally, the company was also awarded the “Symbol of Sustainability 2021” acclaim from Trade magazine and won the Commercial Niveau Prize for Hungarian Products.

“Awards, as recognitions from professionals and the public, are important to us because they demonstrate and confirm the validity of our business policy and corporate philosophy. Our work, the developments and investments under the banner of social and environmental compliance, as well as our initiatives are all linked to our traditions, and they designate the place of SPAR in the world of the 21st century. I am very proud that our company’s solutions have been selected among the best in the hypermarket and supermarket categories of the acclaimed StarStore – Trader of the Year 2021 competition. I am very grateful to all my colleagues, the community of the retail chain, as these acclaims mostly honour their sacrificial, conscientious work,” said Gabriella Heiszler, managing director at SPAR Hungary.

In the “StarStore – Trader of the Year 2021” competition organised by Trade magazine, the application of the company titled “Modern solutions and extra assortment at the Dunaújváros INTERSPAR” enabled the store modernised last year with the budget of almost 1.8 billion HUF to win the “Hypermarket Store of the Year 2021” title. Shared with another company, this unit has earned the highest score for its range of goods and services in all the categories of the competition of stores, and therefore it is authorised to carry the “Store of The Year 2021” title.

In the competition of retail chains, with the application project titled “SPAR Hungary, the pillar of Hungarian retail trade!”, SPAR has also been awarded the “Supermarket chain of the Year 2021” title. Based on the summarised scores of the retail chains, the company has also received the main prize of the professional panel (shared with another applicant) and became authorised to carry the “Retailer of The Year 2021” logo and to use the same title.

The panel emphasised the importance of the range of goods fully complying with special dietary needs, the creative and innovative content and the role of the company in Hungarian retail trade, including the support of domestic goods and Hungarian producers.

The “Symbol of Sustainability 2021” competition is also coordinated by Trade magazine, and the company’s projects titled “Hungaricool by SPAR supports market entry of Hungarian enterprises” and “Craft products of the Hungarian Maltese Charity in the SPAR Hungary stores” were also awarded. In the justification issued by the professional panel, the active contribution of the chain to social causes, support of people in need and Hungarian enterprises was praised. In addition to traditional forms, SPAR constantly seeks new routes and means to support efficient social care and the domestic market. The sustainability symbol awards evaluated the company’s work in the field as excellent.

At one of the key events of the profession, the Business Days in Tapolca, SPAR Hungary was also given the Commercial Niveau Prize for Hungarian Products. The high-ranking acclaim is awarded to the trade company that has contributed the most to the marketability and promotion of domestic products, based on the votes of producer companies using the Magyar Termék (Hungarian Product) trademark. The company especially appreciates this acclaim since it is awarded by the companies and partners it collaborates with in everyday business practice.

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