ALTEO Sustainability Ambassador Programme launched

The aim of our initiative is to help our colleagues who are already committed to sustainability to continue to be opinion leaders and inspire their communities, and to become active participants in ALTEO’s sustainability efforts. We believe it is important to raise awareness of sustainability within the company, from workplace habits to strategic decisions, because our colleagues’ ideas and suggestions are key to driving innovation.

In the framework of the programme, we encourage our colleagues to actively participate in ALTEO CSR activities and to contribute ideas and suggestions to achieve sustainability goals.

The company provides ongoing support and resources for the implementation of new and effective ideas, including an annual budget of HUF 1 million and a communication strategy to help projects run smoothly.

Participants will have the opportunity to participate in workshops and meetings quarterly to discuss their proposals, as well as to organise activities such as environmental education and sustainable innovation forums.

Sustainability is a core value for ALTEO and the Sustainability Ambassador Programme will further strengthen its commitment to environmental protection and social responsibility.