At the beginning of March 2022, the Austrian subsidiary of ProSelf International Zrt. will start another European project with a total cost of HUF 800M, Buddy4All, with its German and Swiss partners

The Buddy4All solution aims at fostering the wellbeing and active lifestyle of older adults. It motivates them to keep their mind and body trained via cognitive-physical exercises and supportive and fun cross-generational activities. Using a mobile app and novel mixed reality glasses, Buddy4All provides personal support via a multi-tiered buddy network. Buddy4All targets (a) cross-generational connection of older and younger adults, (b) cognitive-physical training, (c) a combination of virtual, professional and cross-generational support, all to preserve social inclusion, cognitive and physical fitness and personal wellbeing that leads to a healthy lifestyle. Buddy4All does not only target older adults but also younger adults who want to contribute to society and profit from the life experience of the older generation. They can not only give but also receive support and quality time.

Buddy4All provides cross-generational, virtual and professional support for both – older and younger adults – in a way that has never been available before. Further, mixed reality location-based games and cognitive-physical trainings are new to the AAL target group. Buddy4All will offer unique benefit to the primary end-users by providing effective support, exercises and cross-generational activities for mental and physical health in combination with all-time motivation and fun. Buddy4All will introduce three unique innovations: (1) a multi-tiered buddy network that focuses on cross-generational interaction, support, and experience exchange where both – younger adults and older adults – can profit from each other; (2) MR location-based games that can be played together with remote partners, where the younger adult is walking outside and the older adult can see on his mobile phone or tablet what the younger adult is seeing and help him solve different puzzles; (3) combined cognitive-physical trainings where proven brain trainings become more active and fun.

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