Our newest member is Market Építő Zrt.

Our newest member is Market Építő Zrt., founded in 1996, represented and founded by Sándor Scheer. The company’s sales revenue in 2020 was almost HUF 184 billion. Since the establishment of Market Építő Zrt., it has become one of the leading construction company groups in Hungary, and together with its subsidiaries it currently employs nearly 1,400 people. It implements about 35-40 investments a year, most of which are the construction of industrial and logistics facilities, office buildings, hotels and public institutions. Celebrating its 26th birthday this year, Market Építő Zrt. was ranked 15th in the list of the most valuable 100% Hungarian-owned companies in 2021 by Forbes.

Sustainable development and operation are strongly reflected in the company’s strategic plan. The company’s senior management is committed to all three areas of sustainability under ESG. In addition to the economic benefits, the environmental impact is increasingly reflected in the company’s decisions as an influencing factor. Their environmental responsibilities include replacing their entire passenger car fleet with alternative propulsion by 2025, improving selective waste collection, and voluntarily doubling the number of trees planted on construction sites. Respect for fundamental human rights and fundamental human values ​​is ensured by the company through fair and legal employment and its Code of Ethics.

In order to renew the vocational training in construction, a joint platform called Tudásépítő-Team Nonprofit Zrt. was created with two other construction companies. In addition, the company is collaborating with MOMÉ in a knowledge transfer-based partnership. Key areas of focus for the program include introducing students to industry trend tracking; holding creative, interdisciplinary courses and supporting beginners. It is also a strategic commitment to spend 0.1% of annual sales on CSR activities. Accordingly, the company is a strategic partner of  Bátor Tábor, Mosoly Alapítvány, and  Ökumenikus Segélyszervezet. In addition, they regularly appear as supporters in health, education, sports and culture.

The purpose of their membership is to engage in dialogue with members, to learn about and share good practice in order to support the practical implementation of their strategic goals and, more broadly, to help the construction industry become more sustainable.

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