OPTEN not only makes its own environment ‘greener’

After the easing of the COVID-19 pandemic last year, OPTEN switched to a well-developed hybrid work schedule, retaining flexible work from home, which increased employee satisfaction and productivity by reducing stress and helping to improve work-life balance, while also providing the positive effects of office community. The office’s energy consumption and waste production have also been greatly reduced, with switching to digital versions of brochures, postal letters, purchase orders, contracts, and other printed materials.

Starting from January 1, 2022, in response to the changes in the world, OPTEN was the first to provide an ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) index that can be considered a market standard for all operating businesses in Hungary. The ESG index measures the Environmental, Social, and Governance performance of companies, taking into account various factors.

The OPTEN ESG index primarily helps Hungarian financial institutions, as it allows banks to access ESG information on even the smallest companies, providing an excellent basis for examining the ESG level of companies based on 75 carefully selected parameters.

The company has also created an ESG self-assessment platform through which even the smallest companies can express their intentions and performance in sustainable operation, thereby specifying their ESG index. The questionnaire also has an educational aspect, as it highlights the topics and areas that are worth focusing on and allocating resources to in the spirit of sustainability.

In addition to the index and platform, an ESG automated report has also been developed, which serves as an online report alternative based on the questions answered by the companies in the domestic reporting field. The process takes days instead of weeks, and the cost of the report is just a fraction of that of consulting reports, making the smaller companies able to request ESG reports that fit their resources.

OPTEN strives to draw attention to the importance of sustainability and encourage Hungarian companies, from the smallest to the largest, to focus more on these areas in the future. With the above developments, which they plan to progress in 2023 as well, OPTEN is trying to provide all possible assistance to companies, as sustainable future is in the interest of us all.