Bay Zoltán Nonprofit Ltd. for Applied Research is at the forefront of a Circular Economy!

More and more people choose R&D services to develop and implement their sustainability ideas. Providing solutions for the recycling of used materials, and waste management, along carrying out other green industry developments, Bay Zoltán Nonprofit Ltd. for Applied Research has been a returning guest of the Ökoindustria expo for several years now, which took place within a 3-day online conference this year.

Bay Zoltán Nonprofit Ltd. is committed to a circular economy, innovations (e.g. the extraction of secondary raw materials, development of ecologically degradable materials), services (e.g. LCA analysis, remediation), and solution possibilities were presented, which are closely related to the environmental industry. At this year’s exhibition, 6 different presentations were waiting for those who were interested. The topics of the presentations were the following:

  • Measuring tools of Sustainability Performance (LCA, EPD)
  • Green production and automated solutions
  • Bioremediation – from the lab to the field
  • Red sludge (Residue from bauxite mining) Workshop
  • Ethical entrepreneurial approach and environmentally conscious production
  • Industrial Green technologies

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During the interactive presentations, the audience could ask their questions in the chat window at any time, to which the company’s experts and invited guest speakers were delighted to answer to. The quality of the presentations is reflected by the fact, that audience members were happy to join into the roundtable discussions, they asked questions and expressed their opinions on the topic of the presentation. Thank you to all the guests, who visited our stands!

In case you have any questions or ideas, please contact us at

If you’re interested in our green industry solutions, visit our website, or follow us on our social media platforms, where we post new information every day.

The Research Institution also took part in the prevention of the epidemic. By establishing mask production capacities, we deliver thousands of masks to the healthcare system every day. Working together with ÉMI (Construction Quality Control Innovation No-profit Ltd.), the development of an epidemic related building rating system has been launched, which will not only help market operators navigate between new technologies available on the market, but also help them in preparing for an epidemic situation.

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