Generali launched sustainability initiative for supporting SME sector

In response to new market conditions, Generali – celebrating its 190th anniversary – has set out to support small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). As part of the EnterPRIZE Initiative, the Company helps SMEs with an educational webinar series, as well as a new SME Award. The categories of the award are employee welfare, environmental protection, and corporate social responsibility for micro-communities and the best of each category will be rewarded with a prize of HUF 3 million each.

Some 99% of the European Union’s businesses are SMEs, so the sector plays a significant role in economy. The severe impact of the pandemic, however, has set them major challenges to overcome. In order to maintain their sustainability and effectiveness, companies sought creative solutions and introduced new methods. The latest Generali study confirmed that leaders of local SMEs consider the use of digital devices and promoting digital transformation are more and more important in their journey towards a more effective way of working.

Having the results of the study Generali aimed to promote the economic recovery, revival and sustainable development of SME sector through its free program series. Considering sustainable development the topics of five-part webinar-series were defined on basis of the results of the study, so it responded totally to the specific requirements of SMEs. These online knowledge-sharing seminars, conducted by renowned professionals and business leaders invited by Generali, have shared best practices to prepare the SME sector specifically for the challenges of the future. The webinars covered sustainability, digitization, efficiency gains and also risks for management.

Besides knowledge-sharing seminars Generali launched its EnterPrize Award for which the company expects sustainable projects of SMEs in categories of employee welfare, environmental protection and corporate social responsibility for micro-communities. In the category of employee welfare, the Insurance Company rewards ideas which promote the well-being and development of employees or their families. Another key element of the sustainability programme is environmental protection. In this category, SMEs can apply with any idea which reduces environmental pressures, emissions of harmful air pollutants or covers initiatives aimed to protect nature through renewable energy sources, recycling. As SMEs can also have a big impact on community life in many cases, so in the category of corporate responsibility for micro-communities, applications may cover initiatives which help at local level, through charitable donations or by supporting sports and culture.

Sustainability and technical feasibility are priorities regarding evaluation of the projects. Submission period lasts until 26 May, after which winners will be announced in each category being rewarded with an award of gross HUF 3 million to support the implementation of the programme submitted in their applications. The best ideas will also be presented at the Company’s International EnterPRIZE Sustainability Award.

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