Community and awareness raising program focusing on pollinators by Syngenta Hungary

Preserving and increasing biodiversity, and specifically protecting pollinators is one of the key topics of Syngenta‘s sustainable plan, The Good Growth Plan since 2013. In line with this, and with the aim of drawing public attention to the importance of the topic, Syngenta Hungary, in cooperation with the NGO Mondolo, has started a community and awareness-raising project focusing on pollinators.

The aim of the initiative is to raise awareness of the importance of pollinators, to make their habitat known and to bring them closer to the urban population, and in the meantime to bring’ some nature into the city, increase green covered area.

As part of the project, we have planted bee pastures and installed bee hotels in several locations in Szeged (3rd biggest city of Hungary, located in the southern part of the country), and a street artwork will be completed in June with the support of Syngenta, which will also focus on bees and other pollinators. Thematic pollinator microsite and a community event for pollinator pasture seeds mix distribution to local people to be able to establish their own pollinator pasture at home are also parts of the project.

Beyond our key NGO partner Mondolo, several other partners are participating in the initiative, such as Szeged Central Heating Ltd., Szeged Environmental Management Nonprofit Ltd., Szeged Botanic Garden, Szeged University and Ferenc Móra Scientific Museum Szeged.





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