The aspirations of the National Mobile Payment Plc.

We are truly honoured by the fact, that National Mobile Payment Plc. can introduce itself as the latest member of Business Council for Sustainable Development in Hungary (BCSDH). We believe sustainability can only be achieved by cooperation, and by sustainability we understand a complex and comprehensive concept of social, environmental and economic aspects.

Our Company provides uniform and nationwide mobile payment services in the field of public parking, highway tickets and HU-GO (Hungarian Electronic Toll System), local and long-distance public transport and cultural facilities within Hungary. Our services enable quick, up-to-date, cashless and innovative payment solutions, and also the usage of uniform mobile tickets and passes.

The service portfolio of National Mobile Plc. is continuously expanding, the Company carries on with its innovative activity in 2021 as well, which proactively contributes to the social and economic digitalization objectives, and also to the Hungarian digital education.

Our goal is to provide convenient, safe and innovative payment solutions for our customers in various areas of living. Our services significantly decrease environmental burden and health-related risks of the population, in terms of puchasing entry tickets, complete utilization of smart city and circular economy benefits, and also in terms of the optimal usage of public transportation.

Users can be involved indirectly to the national climate protection by using mobile payment transactions carried out through the National Mobile Payment systems. Our environmental responsibility materializes in the IT support of carbon footprint decreasing measures as well.

Our Company would like to provide an exemplary, state-of-the-art, environmental friendly, uniform and intelligent digital ecosystem for the widest range of potential users possible, by the upmost compliance to the requirements of integrating long-term value creation, responsible management, ethical operation, respect of core values and transparency.

We hope that within BCSDH National Mobile Payment Plc. will be part of the mutual thinking process fostering sustainability, and will be able to provide innovative ideas in order to achieve our common objectives, while we also hope to receive useful inspirations, thoughts and insights.

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