Families of Pécs pledged to a sustainable lifestyle

In 2021, the GreenDependent Institute, in cooperation with the Pécsimami Association, calculated the carbon footprint of 21 households around Pécs to demonstrate how lifestyle changes can reduce the carbon footprint of households. As part of the program, reduction options were discussed, than the participants planted native fruit trees at the closing event.

The main goal of the initiative, implemented with the support of Daikin Hungary, is for the participating households to understand the size of the carbon footprint associated with their daily lifestyles, and start exploring reduction opportunities, and during the programme receive support for developing a climate-conscious lifestyle.


The average carbon footprint per capita of the families is 2.74 t CO2 for 2020, which is a very encouraging result and supports the possibility to live on a smaller carbon footprint than a year’s footprint of an average of 6.2 t CO2e / capita. In the light of this, the target of 2-2.5 t CO2e / capita / year agreed for 2030 under the Paris Agreement does not appear to be unachievable if the reduction is maintained, further increased and this low-carbon footprint lifestyle is widely disseminated.


Beginning of November, after a short report on the carbon footprint calculation of the GreenDependent Institute, the 21 households participated in an event organized by PécsMami Association to plant native fruit trees together with representatives of Daikin Hungary. Through this symbolic tree-planting participants also indicated that we all have a responsibility of our lifestyles, part of which is to reduce our carbon footprint in order to limit global warming to the 1.5 ° C set in the Paris Agreement.


The PécsiMami Association provides families with news and pieces of information for their daily lives, living in Pécs and county Baranya.


The mission of the GreenDependent Institute is to research, develop and disseminate sustainable lifestyles, methods and consumption patterns. One of its most important target groups is citizens. Lately the calculation of carbon footprints, offsetting possibilities including  tree plantings has gained more ground.


Daikin is committed to sustainable development. The company makes great efforts to reduce the environmental impact of its operations, at the same time offers HVAC-R products and solutions for partners to reduce their energy consumption and carbon emissions. That is the main reason for Daikin to support awareness-raising programs that also draws attention to the importance of our individual decisions to protect our environment


GreenDependent and Daikin are proud of the cooperation, especially of the Pécs community and their contribution. The families participated in the project are setting a good example for other communities and families as well.


Fotók: ©PécsiMami, ©GreenDependent


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