Responding to COVID-19 as a responsible employer

The specific situation triggered by the pandemic requires flexibility, endless monitoring and immediate actions from employers. At Shell Hungary, we stand for our colleagues as one of the most important assets of our company, generating long-term, solid business success. Our corporate decision-making process is driven by this approach. Our employees can perform at their best if they are satisfied not only with their financial rewards but also with other aspects of their professional and private life.

Recognizing our efforts, we have been granted the “Lovable Workplace 2021” and the “Family Friendly Workplace” awards this year. We are proud of these awards, as it provides an important feedback for us on the real strength of our community, that we have been able to show to the world.

Caring corporate attitude has become even more important during the pandemic. We have extended our pre-pandemic home office program to facilitate work-life balance, enabling our staff to work in flexible hours. We provided tools and fiscal support to assist ergonomic working environment at home, and gave children laptops to support their remote learning.

Our aim is to become one of the most diverse and inclusive organizations. Our shared values as well as our mutual respect for each other created a real, cohesive and supportive workplace community, and we are committed to preserve it. The enthusiastic team of our staff and our Brand Ambassadors are the driving force behind our community. They actively engage staff through professional events, leisure activities and charity campaigns. From light-hearted conversations to events based on the healing power of laughter, everyone can find the best virtual or face-to-face meeting of their own.

Shell Hungary provides opportunity for improvement and professionsl development even during the pandemic. Migrating our thematic events into virtual platforms we have been able to maintain our training sessions targeting the professional development of our colleagues.


When it comes to shaping the frameworks of our future working culture we routinely address our colleagues by surveys. Flexibility, hybrid working mix as well as family-friendly approaches all remain dominant in our upcoming employment policies.


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