Ferenc Márton – I am convinced that we need dreams

A good relationship builder is always and everywhere open to conversation and always carries a business card with him, says our sales and business development director Ferenc Márton.

Ferenc Márton is working to make Mielemed MPM a major domestic player in sustainable construction technologies with the Nuxon brand. He claims that many people can be grateful for two important things: for the knowledge passed on, and because they allowed him to learn from the mistakes they made. And he likes to learn a lot, he also planned to learn one or two new skills. His knowledge and experience to date are also of great use in the Sustainability Entrepreneurs Community of the National Association of Entrepreneurs and Employers BPVRSZ. Csaba Szerdahelyi asked our colleague.

– What do you consider to be the peak of your career so far?

– Several times during my career, I felt that I had reached a kind of peak in my current situation or position. These were certainly top of the mountain at the time, and I don’t mean to discount them in the light of time. The fact is that it always turns out: from the reached peak, other possible peaks that can be conquered are visible. I fondly remember when, as a development engineer, I created something with my colleagues that went into production and was used by the customer for many years. My appointment as technical director and 15 years of work in that position was also a career peak at the time.

– What distance do you plan for?

– I typically have a daily-weekly-monthly planning cycle, but this is obviously operational in nature. The year is divided into two main blocks of summer vacations and year-end holidays, so my strategic plans appear here. And of course I have a plan for where I want to be in 5 or even 20 years. The latter is already a dream category, but I am convinced that we need dreams.

– What is on your professional bucket list?

– On the one hand, I want to bring Nuxon to the level that is included in the corporate vision, i.e. to become a significant domestic player in sustainable construction technologies. On the other hand, since I love learning and getting to know new things, I still “have it in me” to learn one or more new skills, even in graduate training.

– From whom have you learned the most so far?

– This is a difficult question because I am grateful to many people for two important things: for the knowledge passed on, and because they allowed me to learn from the mistakes they made. My father’s age I would single out Ferenc Márton first, because he was an exemplary value not only as a parent, but also as a professional, engineer, manager and businessman. I mention my first manager at my first job, János Gazsi, because he gave me life-long guidance in terms of the leadership approach and the importance of professional development.

How do you motivate your colleagues?

– I think the most important thing is the continuous provision of an understandable and livable vision of the future, which also includes financial goals and personal development prospects. Leading by example and continuous high-quality communication are the other two basic things that, according to my experience, are successful motivating factors.

In which profession would you like to try yourself?

– Aviation and space technology have always interested me. As a remote UAV pilot, I have already come a little closer to the former, but there is still endless development potential ahead of me.

How do you build your business relationships?

– What I learned from this is that a good relationship builder is always and everywhere open to conversation and always carries a business card with him. He is always looking for an opportunity to get to know and help the other person better, and this is based on attention and interest. I work along these lines in real life, I find that it works great, and I try to transfer this to the virtual space, to online professional interfaces, which I really like anyway.

– What do you regret wasting your time on?

– Best for aimless and unnecessary discussion about ego, and this should not be confused with constructive discussion.

– What can you do to annoy me?

– Perhaps best with selfishness, which is at the expense of a community, be it a private or professional community, or even road traffic.

– What kind of volunteer work would you do?

– Even on weekdays, I try to do something for the narrower and larger communities to which I and my children belong, but what interests me is helping people who are left behind in terms of learning opportunities and living conditions.

– Why don’t you regret the money?

– For anything that represents real value to my family and me, among these I would highlight health, experience and books.

– What’s the best way to turn it off?

– Recently, hiking trips and gardening have entered this role.

We are proud of our colleague’s commitment and authentic personality, we appreciate his ownership attitude and we are grateful that we can work together for a more sustainable world, for the protection of the environment, for the preservation of the health of our society, for cleaner air – for our common dreams!

Photo: Szakács Paul