Meijer &Co is organising a 24-hour walk in Varosliget, raising funds to regreen the planet!

What began as a ‘crazy’ idea in 2021, with four friends attempting to walk non-stop for 24 hours in Amsterdam to raise funds for fighting global climate change, has evolved into a global movement. This year, we’re thrilled to welcome Budapest as a new location for 24 The Planet alongside Amsterdam and New York.

The concept is straightforward: participants, backed by friends and family, walk continuously for 24 hours in a park to raise funds and awareness for the battle against global climate change. All proceeds are donated to Justdiggit, an NGO dedicated to regreening dry and degraded land in Africa to cool down the planet.

24 The Planet is not a race; walkers determine their own pace. Our “slowest” walker covered 52 KM, while our “fastest” walker completed 116 KM. The commitment is to walk for 24 hours, with short breaks permitted.

Since its inception in 2021, 24 The Planet has grown exponentially, increasing by thirteenfold. Last year, fifty-five 24-hour walkers completed the 24-hour challenge, while over 400 individuals showed their support. Over the past three years, we’ve raised over EUR 125,000, enabling us to regreen an area twice the size of Central Park in Africa!

We are looking for walkers who are joining us as individuals and raising money with their friends and family (via the platform). Companies can buy Sponsor packages or buy tickets for their employees in the form of a teambuilding activity.

To make the 24-hour walk more engaging, in Amsterdam they host mini-events every two to three hours. Featuring keynote speakers, conducting breathwork sessions, offering guided meditation hours, hosting a silent disco, organising a dog-walking session, inviting a marching band to perform, and celebrating the halfway mark with a 12-hour event. Additionally, providing family-style meals, and in the final hours, a mobile DJ booth plays uplifting beats to keep motivation. (for the Budapest event we are still finalising the final list of mini-events, any suggestions are welcome)

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