ALTEO published its Integrated Report 2023

ALTEO Group is constantly working to keep pace with the ever-changing market environment and to respond flexibly to new challenges. This is summarised in the Integrated Report 2023, which shows how ALTEO continues to actively contribute to solve economic, social and environmental challenges through its professional and social partnerships.

Through its various memberships, the company not only shares its experience, but also contributes to initiatives to build the sustainable future envisioned by ALTEO by expanding its network of contacts.

ALTEO’s experts work with partners and professional communities to address sustainability challenges even more effectively and promote positive change for society and the environment.

In our Integrated Report 2023, we report a strong financial performance in 2023 compared to the previous year, a further improvement in our ESG rating, the expansion of our Regulatory Centre and portfolio, and a steady stream of new energy investments and developments. We focused on developing our CSR strategy and continued to work with NGOs. An important part of the report is the analysis of the economic and financial performance and the indirect economic impacts of ALTEO, which is committed to operating responsibly and transparently not only as an employer but also as an active part of local communities.

The full Integrated Report 2023 is available here.