Graphisoft supports its workers and the society

In Graphisoft Park we believe that we cannot escape so-called “social responsibility” with its cheapest means, by offering a small part of the profits for charity. It is much harder (and more expensive) to resist consciously a tempting business opportunity if it can bring much profit, but it may harm society as a whole at the same time.

All of this is not ‘altruism’, but on the contrary, a well-thought-out investment in the future.

It is in this spirit that we are developing the Park and it is thanks to this approach that there is plenty of green areas for which our tenants are grateful and which are also used every day, and that is why we are home to more and more schools.

The sudden and unexpected pandemic situation also proved that we were right in thinking when determining the scale of the Park.

The newly outlined office policy, which is based on the “6-feet-office” concept, did not make us unprepared, we can provide our tenants with more spacious offices required by the new situation and the openable windows guarantee the expected regular ventilation.

From the very beginning, we have developed the practice in the Park that operation forms a dynamic unit with investment and development: we integrate the experience of daily operation practice during the implementation of planned developments – the current crisis situation proved us right.

We have also taken concrete action in the pandemic crisis.

We have embraced the Hernádmenti Home of Students – the Charity Port initiative in Felsődobsza, which has become urgent due to the pandemic situation.

The organisation of e-learning and the lack of necessary digital tools have posed a great challenge to the education organisers of the village. In addition to the material conditions, however, the disintegration of the school community causes additional difficulties and has a serious impact on the present and future of children. In the absence of school attendance, their daily routines have been broken up, their experiences of success are lost, family tensions are becoming more difficult – their mental health is noticeably deteriorating. These children are invisible victims of the crisis, silent sufferers, they are the most vulnerable.

The building where the Port will be set up has been donated by a mentor of the program and we provide assistance in renovating the site.

We feel responsibility for the 3rd district: we supported the Coronavirus Protection Fund of Óbuda-Békásmegyer Municipality with a significant sum.


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