LeasePlan offered further help to social organizations during the second wave of coronavirus pandemic

We are still aware of the importance of social solidarity and helping each other in the second wave of the coronavirus. As the market leader fleet management company we are committed to expand our activities in terms of social responsibility that’s why we are constantly following up the escalation of the pandemic. We believes in that we are stronger together so continued our initiative from March, LeasePlan donated cars with fuel cards and vignettes to support the organizations, who work hard to ensure social care to those in need.

During spring, LeasePlan started co-operations with local governments of IV. and XXII. districts and donated 5 cars with fuel cards and vignettes until July. As the number of coronavirus cases are intensively increasing, our support became necessary again for those who are deeply affected by the consequences and works in the front line. LeasePlan supported the centre of the Hungarian National Ambulance Emergency Service by donating 5 cars and the local government of the XXII. district with 2 cars. The OMSZ will use the cars for the logistics of COVID testing, colleagues of the local government keep serving elderly, indigent people at home by delivering staple food and medicine. To ensure complex support in mobility, fuel cards and vignettes were also attached to the car usage.

LeasePlan follows closely the updates of the coronavirus and they are ready to offer further help.

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