Low Carbon Fuel Technologies is the way to go

Pannonia Ethanol presented the WBCSD workgroup report on the Paris Climate Summit.

Transportation accounts for some 17% of all global greenhouse gas emissions. Low carbon transport fuels can replace 800 million tons of fossil fuel. The development of low carbon transport fuels is hindered by the lack of proper regulations and the absence of the appropriate legal environment. 11 leading companies of the industry joined forces under the aegis of WBCSD to provide a solution.

Pannonia Ethanol joined the initiative on the Paris meeting of the WBCSD LCTPi (Low Carbon Technology Partnership initiative) in May 2015. LCTPi covers a total of 8 fields and one of them had focused on the subject of second generation biofuels at the time. The syllabus changed to low carbon transport fuels thanks to a suggestion from Pannonia Ethanol and the field of activity has changed accordingly. Finally, said fields were taken over by two workgroups and the management of one of them was tasked to Zoltán Reng, the CEO of Pannonia Ethanol.

The group started to work on a guide this spring with the aim to summarize the solution plan of the industry’s 11 leading companies regarding a substantial reduction in the transport sector’s environmental load. The proposal contains an immediately available and complex action plan for the application of low carbon fuels.

The report is a result of 6 months of intensive work, which was started with the selection of experts, then conference calls were held at every 1-2 weeks. The working group also met in person after Paris in New York and London.

All the 8 fields of LCTPi completed its own reports which were presented on the UN’s Paris Climate Summit. As part of the climate summit programs, Zoltán Reng held a presentation about the most important messages and conclusions of the report on low carbon transport fuels.

Additional information on the report

on Pannonia Ethanol’s blog in Hungarian>> http://zoldhullam.blog.hu/2015/11/24/az_alacsony_kibocsatasu_uzemanyag_lehet_a_megoldas

on WBCSD’s homepage in English>> http://www.wbcsd.org/low-carbon-fuel-companies-unite-to-present-opportunities-to-reduce-greenhouse-g.aspx .

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