ProSelf International has developed a unique organizational development system

An organizational development system involving innovative methodology and completely novel software products was developed by ProSelf International Inc., whose CEO and innovative leader Attila Kelemen, the owner of former Ben & Loch Lomond International Inc.

In response to current and future problems the organizational development system provides complex solutions for companies as a whole. Individual and organizational well-being, its dimensions and effect on individual and organizational efficiency constitute the the focal point.

Humanizing is the value of ProSelf methodology, the man, the person are put at the center of their solutions. By offering solutions this methodology helps to anticipate dramatic changes affecting individuals and organizations, while ProSelf software products that are based on this methodology ensure increasingly precise forecast for its users. The efficiency of the application is enhanced by the unique feature at the market that the software enables real time analytics and intervention.

The professional team of ProSelf International is composed of the representatives of human sciences, data scientists, customer experience experts. The operation of the consulting office is ethical, transparent in all cases, it is based on involvement and commitment.

– Our aim is to do good and do it well. We have elaborated a business model that is able to realize these two objectives – said Attila Kelemen, CEO of ProSelf International Inc.

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