Our new member company, 8G Energy Solutions Zrt.

Founded in 2021, 8G Energy Solutions Zrt. aims to provide complex energy services to its corporate clients.  For individual renewable energy projects, it has professional competencies covering the entire project life cycle: design, permitting, construction, operation of energy production and storage systems and e-mobility (electric car charging, carport system). It provides a wide range of energy consulting services from corporate energy strategy to tailor-made individual projects, and is also involved in writing professional content and proposals for green energy tenders. It serves residential customers primarily with solar PV systems.

In the company’s name, “8G” stands for the eight green and permanently renewable energy sources related to the company’s operation: solar, wind, air, geothermal, thermal water, water, hydrogen and biomass. The company  constantly works on introduction of innovations and technological developments in the fields of energy, energy management and energy information technology. As a member of the Biggeorge Property group, they have a strong business background, many years of industry experience and extensive references.

They have a strong focus on sustainability and their strategic objectives are driven by sustainability:

  • to increase energy efficiency,
  • the use of renewable energy sources,
  • to ensure equal opportunities for employees,
  • and by further developing transparency and improving corporate processes.

In particular, they aim to contribute to a greater use of renewable energy through the installation of solar panels. Their sustainable long-term development goals include energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy sources to combat climate change and contribute to the restoration of biodiversity.

In addition to the use of green energy, they pay great attention to their employees, including gender equality, a non-discriminatory working environment and work-life balance. In addition, they provide continuous opportunities for professional and personal development and advancement. They see their employees as the key to their success.

Since 2022, the company has been included in the Group-wide Sustainability and ESG Report, and their objectives are to produce an independent ESG Report in 2024. In 2024, they plan to expand their corporate consulting activities to include ESG.

In line with the objectives of the BCSDH, the company has joined the council because it wants to be part of an organisation that will further promote sustainability and a greener future in Hungary: setting an example for companies that may not have adopted sustainable corporate governance policies yet.