Our new member: Díjbeszedő Holding Zrt.

Díjbeszedő Holding Zrt. performs invoicing, meter reading, fee collection and customer service activities on behalf of about 20 service providers. The number of their customers is more than 750,000, for their part, approx. 16 million invoices and payment notices are produced. The value of the fees invoiced and collected by them exceeds HUF 75 billion per year.

The company’s impact on the environment and society is significant, so the management raised the company’s affiliation to the group of companies that think responsibly, make meaningful decisions for a sustainable future, and develop concrete solutions based on this to a strategic level. Their first sustainability report was published in 2022 for the company group. In line with its strategic objectives, the company is constantly reducing its ecological footprint. In 2022, 30% of their desktop printers were liquidated, their paper consumption decreased by 13.93 tons, and their energy consumption decreased by more than 30%. Part of the Group’s future vision is the gradual development of carbon-neutral operations and the achievement of complete carbon neutrality in the long term. To this end, they put a special emphasis on examining their energy consumption, waste production and the carbon footprint associated with their core activities. Scope 1, 2 and 3 according to the CHG protocol are measured, and the measurement methodology of the protocol is used both during the setting of goals and during control. The company has a Code of Ethics and Conduct, and operates a complaint officer and an Ethics Committee. In order to increase social welfare, it carries out many activities.

Their primary goal with the BCSDH membership is to learn about the reporting and sustainability expectations for companies and the best practices, trends, and actions to fulfill them, with which they can contribute to sustainability in the most effective way and which create value for their company.