Real estate asset management company in the BCSDH membership

Gránit Pólus is the largest domestically owned real estate asset management company in Hungary. During its operation, it brings together the most iconic properties of Budapest, among others: the Westend building complex, the Papp László Budapest Sports Arena and the Palace of Arts. Its services include: asset management, real estate management and leasing, real estate development and related legal, administrative and marketing tasks.

The company group implemented a 30% energy reduction between 2019-2022 and a further 8% in 2023. They prepare their group-level sustainability report according to the GRI standard from 2022.

By 2024 and 2025, a number of commitments and objectives have been set in the field of sustainability, such as: developing a comprehensive environmental policy and governance principles; launching due diligence processes regarding the protection of human rights; development of due diligence processes, complaints and handling procedures with a value chain approach; integrating circular economy principles into operations.

As a guiding principle, they also aimed to remodel the corporate structure in order to make governance system more efficient and transparent. Their ambition is to focus as much as possible on assessing and adapting to the impacts of climate change and societal challenges, as well as on reducing the negative impact of the company on the environment and continuously monitoring the results.

By joining  BCSDH, their goal is to present the innovative practices they use as widely as possible and to learn about the methods used by others, as well as advocacy and to represent the profession in the field of sustainability.