Our new service provider member company: Sharity Mobile Application Zrt.

Founded in 2000, Sharity Zrt. was established as a start-up with the aim of finding solutions for the difficulties and obstacles in the area of giving (use of donations received is not transparent enough, therefore, people have not enough trust in the charity organisations or there is too much risk for the companies in donation; there are many people who would like to donate but have no money; there are many organisations that serve good causes and do not have access to the resources of larger companies) and supporting charitable causes in Hungary. Their purpose-driven business model serves sustainability goals at multiple levels and in measurable ways, with a focus on social and environmental issues.

Their unique solution through an app acts as a commission-free donation broker, where users (who download the app) surf among the good causes and the charity organisations, then support the ones selected, with just a couple of clicks.

Transparency is key to their activities: the charity organisations collecting via the Sharity platform are required to meet the so-called Sharity Transparency Standard (STS), under which they have to account with the donations received. This is supported by a risk monitoring and analysing software developed by a ’Big4’ consulting firm.

The selected good causes can be supported not only with money, but also – creating a platform for advertisers and people who want to do something to come together – without money, by „giving time” to the good cause selected by watching a short video. The advertiser – whose video is watched – undertakes to give donations to the good cause based on the number of views.

Their activities also serve an educational purpose, in order to raise social, environmental and sustainability expectations to the level of social, consumer demands in the long term, which are then incorporated into the operation of businesses.

By joining BCSDH, they would like to belong to an organisation where companies operate along similar values. They see the expected benefits of membership in the sharing of knowledge and good practice, alongside the building and strengthening of valuable business relationships.