SPAR Hungary switches to environmentally-conscious fruit&veg containers

SPAR Hungary introduces a new type of reusable transport containers at its fruit and vegetable departments in 2024. The foldable, reusable, easy-to-clean, durable boxes will be introduced in all SPAR stores during the year.

“Achieving environmental sustainability is a strategic issue for SPAR Hungary. It is an important aim to reduce waste production, help prevent waste generation and increase recycling rates. In 2023 also, we have taken a number of measures that serve these goals. We have decided for example to use less plastic in the packaging of certain products, and saving a significant amount of plastic film by covering some shipments with rolling rack plastic blankets. And our new digital solutions have greatly reduced paper-based administration. One of the important steps in this area this year is the uniform introduction of the so-called ‘IFCO’ storage containers in the SPAR network, which not only strengthens our position in food safety, but also helps us to operate in an environmentally-conscious manner,” emphasised Márk Maczelka, head of communications at SPAR Hungary.

With the new containers the store appearances will also be more uniform and well-designed. Also, the reusable storage containers which meet high food safety standards have several other advantages. Firstly, in the future significantly less cardboard, plastic and wood, so-called one-way containers will be necessary. The new containers are robust and collapsible, saving considerable costs during transport. On the other hand, they are easy to clean and reduce the risk of damage to the goods during the logistical process, which is particularly important in the case of fruit and vegetables. The containers can be recycled and, in the event of damage, the manufacturer can reuse the materials entirely.

SPAR Hungary has been testing the new containers since September 2023 and the experience has been very positive. By the end of the year, the system is expected to be introduced in all stores of the company, where its use is justified.