Our newest member is SolServices Kft.

Our newest member is SolServices Kft. Founded in 2017, represented by Gábor Farkas Dr. with HUF over 730 million sales revenue with 19 employees for 2020.

The company contributes to the achievement of the carbon-neutral energy objectives of Hungary and the European Union by developing high-performance large-scale solar parks. In the last few years, SolServices has developed and permitted a total of more than 700 megawatts of photovoltaic solar power plants in Hungary, becoming the largest player in the sector. The company’s first own solar park with the capacity of almost 140 MWs will be completed by the end of 2022. Lumen Park Szolnok will be one of the largest solar parks in the country, designed and built in line with the environmentally friendly principles.

SolServices Kft. works on the dissemination of energy production based on renewable energy sources, keeping in mind the criteria of sustainability and the development objectives of the future’s modern Hungarian energy industry. In addition to its core business, the company considers it important to take an active role in environmental responsibility, primarily through its educational and research activities.

The core business of the company is extremely important for sustainability, but they also pay attention to the fact that the principles of sustainability are considered not only in the goal, but also in every step of the way to it. It is considered important to share the professional experience gained so far, which is why the company’s first professional compass document was created to support the development and operation of environmentally friendly solar parks.

In 2020, the company prepared and implemented its Environment and Social Policy Statement within the organization, which always sets out not only the commitment to the principles of sustainability, but also the voluntary commitments to respect fundamental human rights and values.

The purpose of their membership is, among other things, to find opportunities for professional cooperation, to share and collect good practices, to build relationships with like-minded partners, as well as to share research results and professional experience.

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