Our newest member is Széchenyi Funds

We welcome our newest member company, Széchenyi Funds. The funds have been the leading equity financing partner of the Hungarian SME sector for the past 10 years. Under the leadership of Dénes Jobbágy, Chairman and CEO, the company managed 83 billion forints of investable capital in five funds and employed a team of 50 in 2019  The sixth fund, Kék Bolygó Climate Protection Fund, established jointly with Kék Bolygó Zrt. focuses on strengthtening the market potential and presence of innovative environmental enterprises.

Széchenyi Funds is considering the introduction of operations according to ESG criteria, which could increase the number of their investments in the sustainability arena. The company has a director of sustainability, striving to ensure their ethical, sustainable operations and contributing to ESG awareness and capabilities of its portfolio members and the wider entrepreneurial ecosystem. The Supervisory Board and the Ministry of Finance  are responsible for their transparent operations.

With the BCSDH membership, they expect to get to know domestic companies that make a special contribution to sustainable development and to closely collaborate and develop joint projects with members towards a common goal.

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