Our newest member is the BuildEXT Ltd.

Our new member company is BuildEXT Ltd., which was founded in 2008 with a core activity involving engineering activities and consulting. The founder of the organization is Csaba Livják, has doubled the number of employees and sales revenue of the company in recent years, thus in 2019 they achieved a sales revenue of more than half a million HUF.

BuildEXT is an organization that brings together the most advanced players in the Hungarian architectural market and provides architectural services for investments dealing with complex industrial facilities, office buildings and public institutions. The architectural methodology (BIM) they use is based on simulating and optimizing designing and construction processes using digital models. The construction and operational costs of buildings designed using the BIM methodology will be one third less, the implementation 20% faster and will have 50% less environmental impact over the entire life cycle of the facility, while providing a better quality of life and a safer working environment for the ones involved.

Their company has internal rules that clearly clarify the required organizational culture, responsibilities, and rules of office conduct. Regular workshops support the flow of fair organizational information, equality, and all employees get an opportunity frequently to speak out anonymously with also getting response. In their day-to-day operations, they pay special attention to maintain their activities with the lowest possible ecological footprint. They have minimized the number of cars in their fleet with combustion-engine, thus preferring clean and alternative transport instead, such as electric cars, electric scooters, public transport and bicycles, as well as Greengo service.

A professional blog was launched in order to inform the future generation of architects about the role of architecture in creating a sustainable future. By joining BCSDH, their goal is to promote the spread of the architectural approach in Hungary, according to which sustainable development is not only the key to our future, but also a natural path to our development.


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