SPAR offers new environmentally friendly packaging products

The eco-friendly product range of SPAR has increased again. The environmentally conscious customers can reduce waste generated in the households with the new solutions of the store chain that are appropriate for packaging and storage of food.

Besides reconsidering the materials, technologies and workflows applied during its own operation, SPAR encourages also its customers to a more environmentally conscious behaviour for the sustainability of our liveable environment. In favour of sustainability, the company has introduced a number of novelties for packaging technology by which less disposable plastic waste is generated in the households.

 „In the spirit of sustainability, we have recently introduced several novelties into our network. I am pleased to say that these were also positively received by our customers. These are, for example, the reusable eco-friendly bags for fruit and vegetables and for bakery products or the silicone closing covers. Now, we have presented newer environmentally friendly products that hopefully will become just as popular as the former ones” – said Márk Maczelka, Head of Communication at SPAR.

A novelty in the selection of the INTERSPAR hypermarkets is the silicone storage bag available in 1 and 1.5 litre packs that offers strong, permanent protection for the food stored in it. Due to its practical design, it occupies little space, thus consumers can bring it with them to their workplace or even to hiking.

The cloth made from beeswax available in different sizes, 3-piece sets is an environmentally friendly packaging material for sandwiches, fruit and vegetables. The product, which is easily reusable, highly flexible, easy to clean and shape, is an excellent and natural substitute for plastic packaging.

The food storage tray, which is equipped with flexible cover lining, sealable hermetically, cleanable, proves to be a reusable and eco-friendly solution to sliced cheese and cold cuts. By this, we can reduce or eliminate the use plastic foils and plastic bags.

The new products are available in every INTERSPAR hypermarket.

The sustainability initiatives of the company can be found at the website

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