Our newest member is the National Mobile Payment Plc.

Our newest member is the National Mobile Payment Plc., which was founded in 2012. The number one leader of the company is Mihály Veres, their sales revenue in 2019 was almost 27 billion HUF, with 58 employees. Their core activities include providing mobile payment methods for public parking, vignette and tolls of the hungarian highways and roads, local and long-distance public transportation and for cultural facilities.

Their environmental responsibility is shown in the IT support of measures aiming to reduce their carbon footprint, such as the development of digital transport mobile tickets and the development of systems supporting the operation of the circular economy. In connection with their products, they have made calculations regarding their efforts on CO2 reduction, which they try to use for educational purposes. The organization respects the human rights of its employees. Their processes, measures and regulations (eg.: code of ethics, equal opportunities plan, data protection regulations) serve to eliminate negative impacts and risks affecting human rights. Particular attention is paid to individuals or groups who are more exposed to negative human rights violations due to their vulnerability or marginalized position. They prohibit discrimination and are committed to safe and healthy working conditions and the dignity of the individual. Transparent operation is ensured by the reporting system, the provision of data to their owner and the ministry and the display of public data.

By joining BCSDH, they would like to get into the mainstream of the mutual thinking about sustainability and use their developments to support domestic or even international sustainability efforts made by companies and institutions.

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