SPAR provides frontline healthcare workers with 1000 sandwiches each week

The retail chain joins the “Feed the Doctor 3” project organised by the Etesd non-profit organisation, once again this year. SPAR Hungary supports healthcare workers fighting on the frontline against the virus through the donation of sandwich products.

’’During the COVID19 pandemic, the cooperative efforts of civilians, business professionals, and government bodies can help frontline health workers, doctors, nurses, and professional associations to great effect. For the second year SPAR joins one of these charitable initiatives named ’Feed the Doctor 3’ a project by the Etesd non-profit organisation. Similarly to last year’s food and financial donations, the company again provides healthcare workers with food donations,” said Márk Maczelka, head of communications at SPAR.

Starting on 30 March, the company provides healthcare workers with 1000 sandwiches per week for free prepared in their SPAR enjoy. facilities. The plant based in Üllő will provide a variety of different catering products over an indefinite timeframe.
The company supported the work of the “Feed the Doctor!” civil society initiative in spring 2020 with sandwiches and a donation of 1.5M HUF, which was used to fund free lunches for more than a hundred healthcare workers a day.

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